• Korean Skincare for Radiant Skin

        Here are few Korean beauty secrets & tips to get gorgeous, healthy and radiant skin. 1. Adequate Hydration for Radiant Skin Koreans believe that drinking plenty of fluids helps to add a healthy glow to their skin, so they start their day by …

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  • Antioxidants for skin care

    Antioxidants For Skin

    Antioxidants, one of the biggest buzz words in the cosmetics industry, is used among a wide array of skin care products. Antioxidants for skin care can offer relief from Acne, Rosacea, & even slow down visible signs of aging. The main way antioxidants benefit your …

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  • Foodstoavoid

    Dangers of Processed Foods

    The first thing that comes to most peoples mind when they hear “processed food” is a burger and fries from a fast food place. The fact is that most of the foods that you have in your pantry are processed. Processed foods have been changed …

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  • Dry skin patches

    Dry Skin Patches

    Dry skin patches are a very common skin ailment. They can appear suddenly and can be magnified by a wide variety of reasons. Depending on genetics, environment, stress levels, weather, artificial chemical ingredients or allergies, dry skin can affect nearly everyone. Environment causes dry skin …

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  • Natural Spa Facial Acne & Sensitive

    The Importance of a Daily Beauty Routine

     Importance of Daily Beauty Routine We all know how important a daily beauty routine is. Not only does it insure that you will look your best, and that your skin will remain healthy, but it allows you to manage your time more efficiently. Every day …

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  • premium anti-aging skincare

    SELLA’s All Natural Premium Facial Moisturizer

    Winter, with its harsh winds and dry air, can wreak havoc on your skin. This is the perfect time to beef up your skin care regime. However, no one has time for more than a few steps. Any product line that involves five or more …

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  • Spa Retail Tips

    Spa & Salon Retail: Bottom-line impact from Retail & Suggestion

    Salon Retail Spa/salon services require a provider for each service, whereas retail purchase volume can increase without the same direct proportionate increase in labor requirements. Whether your business is achieving the typical 25% over-all average revenue from retail that most spas/salons are is very representative …

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  • Natural oils provide many benefits

    Benefits of Naturally Derived Oils

    Benefits of Naturally Derived Oils Many plants, from their seeds to their leaves, flowers and especially oils, can provide great health benefits to us. The powerful aroma of many oils can affect our moods and feelings through our sense of smell. Oils extracted from plants …

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  • Effects of Acne

    Effects of Acne

    Acne affects 40 to 50 million people in the United States alone. Acne, which forms most commonly during adolescence, can be attributed to increased testosterone in both males and females. As a result, bacteria build up and residue is more likely to complicate your skin …

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  • What Causes Dry Skin

    What Causes Dry Skin?

    What causes dry skin on my face? What causes dry skin on my arms and legs? If you find yourself asking these questions during colder months, a seasonal switch in your facial care and body care may be necessary. Why do I have such Dry …

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