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Sella Body Care Cleansing Bar

Natural Body Cleansing Bar

SELLA Body Care Line’s antioxidant-rich cleanser exfoliates and hydrates. Use all natural ingredients for your skins overall health.

$16.00 | 3.5 oz
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Sella Body Care Emulsion


Natural Body Emulsion

Cell-communicating ingredients rejuvenate dry skin while antioxidants protect. Soft and smooth skin is quickly regained with SELLA’s Natural Body Care Emulsion with the help of Lecithin (a natural bean extract) & Squalane.

$42.00 | 3.5 oz
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Sella Body Care: Scalp Treatment

Hair and Scalp Treatment Soap

Antioxidant-rich cleanser balances scalp, cures dandruff, and stimulates dull, dead follicles for hair regrowth. A solution for those looking for an ideal scalp cleanser all the way to those needing to regrow hair in areas.

$18.00 | 3.5 oz
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Sella Body Care: Hand Cream

Natural Hand Essence Cream

Rich in volcanic minerals and antioxidants for an intensive, long-lasting moisture treatment. Ocher rich body care increases circulation, prompting cellular repair, and quick recovery. Nourish and hydrate your hand’s skin with a natural body care lotion.

$9.00 | 1 oz
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SELLA Body Care: Foot Cream

Rejuvenating Foot Essence Cream

With a higher percentage of active minerals & vitamins, cracked skin, heels, and dry skin quickly diminish while your feet become balanced and protected. An ideal treatment for those suffering from chronic foot dryness or seasonal.

$12.00 | 1.69 oz
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