To regain balanced and healthy skin, our nourishing moisturizing creams and organic oils provide long-lasting protection and hydration for all skin types. Deep Sea Mineral Water is combined with Nano-Ochers which allow accelerated cellular communication, thus effectively regenerating healthy skin cells.

Add SELLA’s Omega Oil for a more intensive natural moisture treatment for face and body.

Facial Moisturizers

Sella Classic Essence Cream

Classic Essence Moisturizer

All natural facial cream to balance, hydrate, fight hyperpigmentation, & acne. Create flawless skin.

SRP $76.00 | 1.4 fl. oz
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Sella's Anti-Aging Facial Cream

Premium Essence Moisturizer

Quickly diminish age spots, dark spots, while balancing. Idebenone & Platinum aid in repair at the cellular level.

SRP $126.00 | 1.4 fl. oz
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Body Emulsion & Moisturizers

Sella Body Emulsion

Natural Body Emulsion

Body moisturizer with cell-communicating ingredients rejuvenates dry skin & antioxidants protect.

SRP $42.00 | 10.5 fl. oz
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Sella Moisturizing Hand Cream

Rejuvenating Hand Moisturizer

Deeply nourishes & hydrates dry hands and cuticles.

SRP $9.00 | 1 fl. oz
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Sella Healing Foot Cream

Rejuvenating Foot Moisturizer

Ocher-rich Foot Cream formula for intensive moisture treatment & cell-renewal.

SRP $12.00 | 1.69 fl. oz
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Optimize Your All Natural Moisturizer

Sella's Omega Oil for skincare moisture

Omega Oil | Evening Treatment

Ideal evening treatment for face, body, hair, stretchmarks, & intensive moisture therapy.

SRP $40.00 | 1.6 fl oz 

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