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Our Solution Is Simple

Many factors work against the youth of our skin. Habits, the environment, products, & time all aid in the aging process. A priority must be placed on treating all of these causes, not just a few. SELLA proudly offers synthetic chemical free skin care, because nothing should stand in your way of your best skin health, especially your skin care products.

Choosing All Natural

Cosmetic markets continue to develop harmful products with strong chemical ingredients that are toxic for your skin. Synthetic surfactants, polymers, chemical additives and tar based coloring agents are all chemical ingredients that cause premature aging and an imbalance in your skin.

Our Nano Natural Nourishment

SELLA’s ability to penetrate each pore allows for the ingredients – like wrinkle-busting Idebenone and Hyaluronic acid, repairing Vitamin C, and age-fighting Green Tea – to be effectively absorbed by all layers of the skin as opposed to just the superficial layers, allowing cells to truly heal from the inside out.

For All Skin Types

Although everyone’s skin is different, the reasons for skin problems and aging are the same. Your skin must be strong, resilient, and balanced for natural purity to be reclaimed. SELLA, a line that is antioxidant rich and infused with antibacterial, anti-irritating, & cell-rejuvenating ingredients, brings effective skincare full circle.

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