Development Background

The Real Story of Skincare

SELLA Development Background

Totally unaware of the importance of healthy skincare, cosmetic markets continue to competitively develop harmful products with strong chemical ingredients that are toxic for your skin. Surfactants, polymers, chemical additives and tar based coloring agents are all chemical ingredients that cause premature aging and an imbalance in your skin. In 1992, SELLA Cosmetics, Inc. went to work and developed an all natural skincare line using nano-technology. Ultra fine particles of natural ingredients are used for moisturization, antioxidation, and antibacterial function to renew your skin cells. SELLA’S Skincare Line was introduced to promote the natural beauty and purity of your skin.

Reasons for skin problems

Synthetic Surfactants

Most cosmetic companies continue to develop products that can cause damage to your skin.
Synthetic surfactants are derived from petroleum (oil found under the surface of the earth or sea) or synthesized chemicals. They are widely used to emulsify water and oil, make bubbles, or scatter and dissolve particles. Surfactants are not easily rinsed away, and they create a residue that destroys your skins natural barriers and layers. They also change your skin’s protein.

Artificial polymers

Artificial polymers create a film on your skin that prevent oil secretion and do not allow your skin to breathe healthily. Cosmetic companies use polymers to control oil balance and moisture, but this use results in clogging your skin pores. SELLA’s products are free from all artificial polymers.

Chemical preservatives and fragrance

Chemical preservatives and fragrances irritate your skin. At SELLA, we use natural preservatives such as salt, honey, yellow ocher, lotus flower extract, grapefruit, and pure gold. Our natural fragrances contain no chemical additives, and will also help with fragrance allergies.

Free radicals

Your body uses oxygen to burn fuel. Active oxygen is then produced and results in free radicals. Free radicals damage and dehydrate your skin cells and harden the collagen found deep in your skin. This accelerates the aging process. To prevent free radicals, we use active ingredients such as selenium, germanium, platinum, gold, and Vitamin E, which are all powerful antioxidants.

Synthetic surfactants in facial cleansers

Dish detergents contain 30-40% of synthetic surfactants mixed with water. Cleansing oil products mix 10-20% of synthetic surfactants with oil. This means you may be cleansing your face with light detergents.
Companies use synthetic surfactants because it is cheaper than the natural more expensive alternative, lecithin. It is important to notice what is in your facial cleanser, and with SELLA you will find that we use lecithin and zero synthetic surfactants.