SELLA Question & Answer

F.A.Q. 01 My skin is extremely dry during the winter. What SELLA products do you recommend?
F.A.Q. 02 What is the main difference between SELLA’s Classic Essence Cream and the Premium Essence Cream?
F.A.Q. 03 What is it that makes SELLA products so special?
F.A.Q. 04 Is SELLA FDA approved?
F.A.Q. 05 Do you accept international orders?
F.A.Q. 06 How long will it take to receive my order?
F.A.Q. 07 Does SELLA use any ingredients that people could be allergic to?
F.A.Q. 08 When using SELLA’s Natural Cleansing Hair Bar do I need to use a conditioner?
F.A.Q. 9 What is Nanotechnology?
F.A.Q. 10 What is the difference between Classic and Premium?
F.A.Q. 11 Is there SPF in SELLA?
F.A.Q. 12 What is your best seller, and why?
F.A.Q. 13 I was wondering if the Hair Bar will take the color out of my hair? I get my hair colored, so I am wondering if it is safe to continue.
F.A.Q. 14 Why do SELLA products smell the way that they do?

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