Pop Superstar Keana Texeira Nourishes with SELLA

Pop Superstar Keana Texeira Nourishes with SELLA

Yesterday, KEANA released her latest music video “Another Little Piece Of You”. Going on over two years of massive international (most downloaded in Japan!) success & out-selling the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber & Katy Perry, Keana has released another beautiful music video & song to add to your playlist.

With her last video quickly passing 3 million views & this video being made available worldwide including but not limited to the USA, UK, France, Brazil, China, Russia, Germany, Keana is poised for yet another hit!

Download your version of “Another Little Piece of You” on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, as well as Japan’s largest music sites: Music.JP, Listen.JP; and broadcasted on major music channels and networks including MTV (USA & Japan), FOX (Japan), and many more.

Follow Keana:
Twitter: @KeanaTexeira
Facebook: KEANAOfficial
Instagram: @SkinnyTanChick

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