Skin Concerns

Knowing what to look for, regarding your general skin concerns, will guide you to your most helpful and effective skincare routine. Here’s what our experts say:

General Skin Concerns

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These are your overall skin concerns; whether you have one, two, or even three of these general concerns, take note of what to look for in helping each.

Prevent Aging or Premature Aging

A system proven to protect your skin from showing signs of aging will include an extremely powerful antioxidants such as Nano-Gold, Hyaluronic acid, etc.
Products to Prevent Aging

Repair Aging

Powerful ingredients, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Platinum, will decrease the depth of already formed wrinkles. Ingredients that work not only on surface wrinkles, but on deep imperfections, will guide you to a more youthful appearance.
Products to Repair Aging

Dry or Oily Skin

Your pH level is a large reason why your skin is either oily or dry. In fact, an unbalanced pH can also lead to acne and premature aging, so be sure you are using a system that will leave your skin’s pH slightly acidic, and therefore protected.
Products to Balance Skin pH

Acne & Breakouts

Look for products high in seed oils and root extracts. These types of ingredients are often antifungal in nature, making them ideal for controlling surface bacteria and acne.
Products to Fight Acne / Blemishes

More Skin Ailments

Products to Moisturize Body
Products to Treat Dark Circles & Uneven Skintone
Treat Dandruff, Psoriasis, & Itchy Scalp

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