Acne Breakout Treatments

SELLA has the answer to all of your acne, blemish and breakout concerns. SELLA’s 3-Step facial treatments will balance your skin’s pH, control surface bacteria, and eliminate free radical production, keeping you pimple and acne breakout free!

Treat Acne Naturally!


Classic Line | Anti-Aging & Acne Treatment Facial

Facial Routine & Acne Treatment Line

Balances oil production and prevents acne causing bacteria build-up on your skin. Effectively treats mild to moderate acne while break outs quickly disappear.

SRP $181.00 | 3 month supply 

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Premium Line | Repair Acne Damages & Aging Facial

Sella's Advanced Acne treatment

Cell communicating ingredients and 2X the active ingredients as our Classic Facial. Repairs acne damages and scars, while treating even the most advanced acne problems.

SRP $283.00 | 3 month supply

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Spot Treatment for Acne & Breakouts

Volcanic Ash mud Pack

Volcanic Ash Facial Mask

Control breakouts with our Volcanic Ash Mask Spot Treatment. Along with being an ideal weekly fourth step to your acne routine, this ash mask can act as a quick-working spot treatment for those blemishes that pop up out of nowhere.

SRP $51.00 | 5.25 net oz

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