Dry Skin – Body

The causes of dry skin are vast and varied. Fortunately, some of these factors are in our control. Choosing to cleanse with a product that doesn’t use harsh chemicals will significantly improve your dry skin concerns ranging from dermatitis and eczema to psoriasis and Rosacea.

Choose a Better Body Treatment

SELLA products contain nature’s purest minerals and most stable antioxidants to effectively target any skin concern. Abnormalities in the skin’s protein (protective layer) can cause reactions,  such as eczema. SELLA’s Nano-Gold and Deep Sea Mineral Water effectively strengthen this protective protein layer, resulting in fewer skin reactions. Green Tea Extract provides essential Vitamins A, C, and E to help soothe and  cure all skin ailments including dry, itchy, and flaky skin.

Treat Dry Skin for Body

SELLA Body Emulsion for especially dry cracked skin

Natural Body Emulsion

Cell-communicating ingredients rejuvenate dry skin while antioxidants protect. An all over body treatment for healthy, radiant skin, & dermatitis/seasonal skin allergy relief.

$42.00 | 3.5 oz
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Sella Moisturizing Hand Cream natural hand trearment turns aging hands to youthful hands


Natural Hand Moisturizer

The skin on your hands ages the fastest. Rich in volcanic minerals and antioxidants for an intensive, long-lasting moisture treatment to prevent this from happening.

$9.00 | 1 oz
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Sella Healing Foot Cream that quickly treats dryness and cracked heels

Rejuvenating Foot Essence Cream

With a higher percentage of active minerals & vitamins, cracked skin, heels, and dry skin quickly diminish while your feet become balanced and protected.

$12.00 | 1.69 oz
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Optimize Your Body Moisturizer

Sella's Argan Oil for skin moisture

Argan Oil | Intensive Moisture

Fast absorbing morning treatment to replenish Essential Fatty Acid level (the main cause of dryness or seasonal dry spots on skin, hydrate skin, and leave you glowing.

$40.00 | 1.6 fl oz 
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Sella's Omega Oil for skincare moisture

Omega Oil | Body Treatment

Ideal evening treatment for face, body, hair, stretchmarks, & intensive moisture therapy.

$40.00 | 1.6 fl oz 
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