Repair Aging

Quickly regain a more youthful appearance with SELLA. Our Premium Facial Line has cutting-edge nano-sized antioxidants that work at the cellular level to fight aging skin concerns like age spots, hyper-pigmentation, deep lines, & wrinkles. Repair Aging quickly and regain your most youthful appearance.

Anti-aging Bar


Premium Facial Cleansing Bar

Antioxidant-rich cleanser to repair signs of aging. Nano Gold & Platinum eliminate free radicals while Ochers deeply cleanse and purge waste.

SRP $31.00 | 3.5 oz
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Sella's Anti-Aging Serum Treatment


Premium Anti-Aging Serum Treatment

A serum treatment to repair aging skin to it’s natural purity. Quickly effective in reducing pore size, treating eye-area concerns & deep wrinkles by utilizing a high percentage of Vitamin C & Nano-sized antioxidants

SRP $126.00 | 1.05 fl oz
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Sella's Anti-Aging Facial Cream


Premium Essence Cream Moisturizer

Balances pH, and locks in moisture all day-long. Root extracts and natural Oils replenish and protect from bacteria and free radicals.

SRP $126.00 | 1.4 fl oz
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Sella's Argan Oil for skincare

Argan Oil | Dry Skin Repair

Ideal daily morning moisture treatment that is quick absorbing to protect, hydrate, and leave you glowing

SRP $40.00 | 1.6 fl oz
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Sella's Omega Oil for skin

Omega Oil | Evening Moisture Treatment

Evening moisture treatment for additional protective layer strengthening & intensive therapy.

SRP $40.00 | 1.6 fl oz
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Sella's Anti-Aging Facial line

Full Premium Facial Set

Proven to rebuild & repair aging skin with collagen synthesis boosting antioxidants, and advanced nano-sized nutrients. 3-steps to your most balanced, youthful skin.

SRP $283.00 | 3 month supply
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