Skin & pH Balance

Proper skin pH balance is around 5.5. This is slightly acidic, and for good reason. Also referred to as the “Acid Mantle”, the outer, protective layer of the skin is the body’s first line of defense against bacterial growth and environmental factors–the primary causes of skin concerns. SELLA’s 3-step routines are formulated to balance pH and restore your skin to it’s natural defensive state.

SELLA's Classic 3-Step Facial Set

Classic Natural Facial Routine

Our Classic 3-step facial routine for pore cleansing, treatment, and skin pH balance

SRP $181.00 | 3 month supply

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Sella's Anti-Aging Facial line

Premium Anti-Aging Facial Routine

Proven to rebuild aged skin with collagen synthesis boosting antioxidants, and advanced nano-sized nutrients. Skin pH balance quickly regulates with 2X the active ingredients as the Classic Facial.

SRP $283.00 | 3 month supply

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