Classic Facial Line

SELLA Skincare’s Classic Facial routine is an ideal acne facial solution. Using only 100% all natural ingredients, this facial routine thoroughly cleanses deep into your pores to rejuvenate and treat skin cells, balance sebum, and restore your skin to it’s natural purity.

Facial Wash for gentle exfoliattion

Classic Facial Bar

Antioxidant-rich cleanser exfoliates, treats acne and hydrates for healthy skin.

SRP $22.00 | 3.5 oz
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Serum to repair hyper pigmentation

Classic Facial Gold Serum

Diminishes puffiness, crow’s feet and dark circles while shrinking and minimizing pores.

SRP $83.00 | 1.05 fl oz
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Anti-aging cream promotes collagen synthesis

Classic Natural Essence Moisturizer

Balances pH while leaving skin hydrated & protected.

SRP $76.00 | 1.4 fl oz
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Sella's Argan Oil for skin moisture

Argan Oil | Morning Treatment

Fast absorbing to protect, hydrate, and leave you glowing. Intensive moisture therapy for facial acne.

SRP$40.00 | 1.6 fl oz

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Sella's Omega Oil for skincare moisture

Omega Oil | Evening Treatment

Provides maximum hydration to restore suppleness.

SRP $40.00 | 1.6 fl oz

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SELLA's Classic 3 Step Acne Facial

Classic Facial Set

Our Classic 3-step facial routine for pore cleansing, treatment, and pH balance.

SRP $181.00 | 3 month supply

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Sella Starter/Travel Kit safe for air travel

Starter and Travel Kit Facial

3 week supply of our Classic 3 step facial routine for pore cleansing, treatment, and pH balance.

SRP $49.00 | 3 wks
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Volcanic Ash mud Pack

Volcanic Ash Facial Mask

Replenish and exfoliate weekly with nano ochers to purge and unclog pores.

SRP $51.00 | 5.25 oz
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