Organic Omega Oil

SELLA's Omega Oil Skin Treatment

• Repairs damaged cell membranes
• Reduces acne and prevents bacteria
• Prevents stretchmarks
• Restores firmness & reduces inflammation
• Ideal evening moisture treatment

SRP: $40.00 | 1.6 fl.oz 50 ml.

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The Fruit of Youth

Derived from the Sacha Inchi fruit, known in Amazon area of Peru as the “fruit of youth”, Omega Oil quickly treats a wide array of skin, hair, and nail conditions. Cracked skin, dry cuticles, rough knees, & elbows quickly heal with this moisture treatment.

Skin-Cell Regeneration

Omegas 3, 6, & 9 stimulate skin-cell regeneration in SELLA’s Omega Oil. Optimize your skincare routine by promoting maximum skin renewal.

Natural Hair Treatment

This natural hair moisturizer quickly treats split ends, dull hair and dryness. Antioxidants Vitamin A, E, and Alpha Tocopherol help keep moisture locked in while forming a protective barrier for your hair.

Omega 3, 9, & 6

Directions for Omega Oil Face Treatment

After cleansing with SELLA Cleansing Bar, apply Gold Serum followed by 2-3 drops of Omega Oil mixed with your Essence Cream.
Apply adequate amount to face and neck, then massage in smoothly for maximum absorption. Allow 10-15 minutes for total absorption.
Omega Oil is an ideal evening treatment.

Dull Hair & Dry Ends Shine

Rub 2 full droppers full of Omega Oil into palms and massage into wet hair.
Wrap hair in a warm towel, leave in 20 minutes before shampooing.

Prevent & Treat Pregnancy Stretchmarks

Liberally massage Omega Oil onto desired area. Also functions as a natural scar treatment. Allow 15 minutes for absorption.

Omega Oil features

Omegas 3, 6, & 9 in Omega Oil

Omega Oil from the Sacha Inchi plant of Peru

Omega-fused Facial

Maximize your skincare routine by adding Omega Oil to your moisturizer. Essential Fatty Acids from Omega Oil quickly solve dry skin issues, while leaving your skin hydrated and protected. Sensitive skin types are nourished and strengthened with this 100% Organic Oil.
Omega & Essence Cream Treatment

Omega Oil Hair Treatment

Dull hair and split-ends cease with only a few drops of Omega Oil. While your hair is still wet, apply to your ends and allow 15 minutes for it to soak in.
Omega Hair Treatment

Skin Elasticity & Stretchmarks

Pregnancy comes with a multitude of physical changes. Of the major physical changes, stretch marks are not inevitable. Utilizing antioxidant and nutrient rich natural oils can dramatically reduce stretch mark formation. Apply only a few droppers of Omega Oil to your suspected problem area daily.
Omega Oil for preventing stretchmarks