Volcanic Ash Mud Mask

SELLA's Volcanic Ash Mud Mask

• Gently exfoliate & spot-treat
• Lift and firm skin immediately
• Restore even skin tone and brighten complexion
• Body treatment for cellulite & stretchmarks

SRP: $51.00 | 30 g.
Volcanic Ash Mud Mask
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SELLA’s Facial Mask utilizes volcanic ash to extract all toxins from your pores. The rare ochers purify and unclog pores by drawing out pollutants and absorbing excess oil to control and prevent breakouts. Also available in Sample Size >>

Firming & Lifting Mud Mask

Quickly diminish fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, under-eye puffiness, scars, and blemishes. By replenishing dry and dull skin cells, SELLA’s Volcanic Mud Mask assures even skin tone and a brighter, clearer complexion.

SPOT TREATMENT | For Enlarged Pores and Black Heads

Spot treatment with Sella's mud mask
Keeping your pores clean is essential for fighting enlarged pores and blackheads.
For teens, this is an ideal spot treatment and facial mask for acne and breakout-prone skin.
For pregnant or new mothers, add our Volcanic Ash Mask to the complete Classic Facial Routine, or our Premium Anti-Aging Facial Routine to lift, balance, and reverse extreme conditions like melasma.

Volcanic Clay, Aluminum Oxide, Calcium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Potassium Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium Oxide, Deionized Water

Directions: Mud Mask to Unclog Pores Weekly

How to use SELLA's mud mask

  • Cleanse with SELLA Cleansing Bar for 30 seconds and rinse
  • Cleanse again with SELLA Cleansing Bar for 2 minutes to open pores for maximum penetration
  • In small dish add 1-2 tsp of the SELLA Mud Mask and add water to desired consistency
  • Mix well until paste is formed
  • Apply evenly to face, keeping away from eyes and mouth
  • Leave on 10-15 minutes for maximum extraction of pollutants
  • Rinse with warm water,pat dry, & apply Essence Cream or Moisturizer

Body Wrap for Cellulite and Stretchmarks

Cellulite free legs and butt

  • Cleanse with SELLA’s Body Cleansing Bar
  • Apply SELLA Mud Mask generously to your body or affected area
  • Apply very warm, moistened wrapping clothes tightly
  • This will open pores for maximum absorption
  • Leave wraps on up to an hour
  • Remove wraps & shower or bathe
  • Apply Body Emulsion to calm and nourish your skin

Spot Treatment for Acne & Pimples

  • Dip a wet cotton tipped applicator into mudmask
  • Apply to blemish(s)
  • Allow to dry before rinsing
  • May leave on overnight
  • Ideal for bacne
“SELLA rocks! SELLA products work so well, I now use them and share them with clients. The results from using the mud mask are amazing.”

Crystal, Owner C.Spa, Boston, MA

Volcanic Mud Mask

SELLA’s Mud Mask tightens your skin by plumping cells to reduce pore size. Remove dead skin cells without irritation, eliminate excessive sebum, and eliminate black heads.

Mudmask ingredients from the himalayas and madagascar

Nature’s Purest Earth

SELLA has discovered and extracted some amazing ingredients from around the world. Madagascar, home of the cleanest earth, was originally formed by volcanic activity. We utilize green mud taken from the eastern seacoast of Madagascar. This mud is a mixture of rich minerals and volcanic ash. SELLA uses this volcanic ash to detoxify your skin. In earlier days, the French occupied this area, and discovered it’s remarkable ability for enhancing skin’s tone and texture and also for reducing cellulite.
Volcanic Ash in Nature

Healing Green Mud

Green mud absorbs pollutants in the pore, breaks them down, and by plumping the cells, squeezes them out.

As it contains rich minerals, it releases far-infrared radiation or warmth. This enhances blood circulation and metabolism, resulting in active and healthy skin cells.


Volcanic Body Wrap to Eradicate Cellulite

SELLA's Volcanic Body Wrap for cellulite, stretchmarks, circulation
Clay body wraps, in addition to all of their other benefits, are effective at reducing cellulite. Clay wraps have the highest absorption properties of the different types of body wraps. Clay absorbs fluid that can be held between the cells, the cause of skin looking dimpled. Once these fluids are removed, the pressure from the wrap helps squeeze the tissue together, reducing the pockets where the excess fluid was. The plumper skin cells reduce the size of the now, empty pockets, leaving a smooth & cellulite-free appearance.

Volcanic Mud Mask Spa Treatment