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SELLA All Natural Skincare Line was founded in South Korea, in 1992, by Mr. Lim Dae Myan. Through extensive research, devotion and years of hard work he created, SELLA, an amazing skin care line that only nature and science combined, could provide.

Mr. Lim’s desire to create an all natural line with healing capabilities arose when he became aware of a four year old child from his hometown that had been severely burned. After an accident involving scalding water, the child suffered second and third degree burns covering 90% of his body. Mr. Lim, using a high concentration of Selenium, created a mixture that he used to treat the burns. After four weeks of daily applications of this mixture, the burns were significantly improved, with remarkably minimal scarring.
SELLA utilizes ingredients from the himalayas and madagascar.

These dramatic results prompted Mr. Lims quest to develop an all natural skin care line. After years of research and with the aid of several colleagues and Korean Universities, Mr. Lim discovered that the use of nano-technology was able to greatly intensify the beneficial healing capabilities of the Earth’s natural elements and minerals.

Nanotechnology is the process of reducing particle size to 10-100 nanometers. One nm is equivalent to the size of four atoms, or one ten thousandth of a human hair. Once ingredients are nanosized, they are able to deeply penetrate all layers of the skin.

Blending natures resources with this cutting edge technology, Mr. Lim developed an all natural skincare line, SELLA, which offers virtually immediate visible results. SELLA’s product line has proven to be very successful in Korea, expanding into Japan. Not only have they enjoyed great success in retail, they have expanded their expertise into the spa and salon industry. SELLA is one of the top skincare lines in the Asian marketplace.

This, combined with the absence of a comparable skin care line existing in the U.S., has compelled them to bring SELLA Cosmetics to America.

In March, 2010, SELLA’s opened its’ first US headquarters in Warrenville IL. In April, 2010, the SELLA All Natural Skincare was first presented, and well received with great enthusiasm, at the American Beauty Show held in Chicago IL.

SELLA’s mission is to provide an all natural product that guarantees visible results. We have accomplished this with the utmost integrity and personal conviction.

Korea is well noted for its global leadership in the development of “All Natural” skincare products. It is, as well, noted as a leader in the development and use of nano-technology within these products. SELLA currently resides at the leading edge of this combination and is poised to bring this advanced skincare system to a global market.

To be more beauitiful and younger, people have been making a lot of cosmetics which contains many chemicals and harmful materials. SELLA directly supports the dream of woman's beauty without harmful effect. SELLA is natural cosmetics which do not include any chemical additives and gets through a thorough inspection. Challenge making skin healthy and beautiful with SELLA!