We are exposed to synthetic surfactant!

Ordinary cleanser you commonly find in cosmetic store contains a chemical called synthetic surfactant. Yes - Perhaps the one that you used today. Believe it or not, the same chemical is also found in your dish soap. What does that mean?

Synthetic surfactant is meant to be used for oil removal. It can even be used for industrial depending on the concentration. When you use general cleanser (contains 5-15% of synthetic surfactant) or even stronger cleanser (typical exfoliator, eye make-up remover and deep cleanser contains 15-25%), it makes your skin dry, sensitive and aged.


Development background

  • Soap is safest as it comes from nature

When an animal dies, its subcutaneous fat is degraded and fatty acid (weak acid) is produced. When the fatty acid meets alkali metals such as potassium or sodium in soil and water, it becomes metallic salt as it neutralizes. This salt is called adipocere (grave wax). This is the most natural form of soap. Since soap is made in nature, it is not harmful to our skin and eco friendly. 

  • Nature that raises nature, what is soil?

Madagascar soil is from perfectly clean nature! We make life-giving water by dissolving the soil in water, and with soil and water, we make Sella Soap. Soil contains many vital minerals that are necessary for living organisms to maintain their lives. It has the best purifying capability among all existing nature substances. It absorbs or purifies pollutants and harmful ingredients while has a power to normalize. This soil and its far-infrared radiation are very precious gifts from nature to humans.

  • O-Tech4000 low molecular water

Water made by Madagascar red clay, white clay, and volcanic ash shattered (100 nanometer) with low molecular botanic extract is called O-Tech 4000. The O-Tech 4000 generates a synergy effect as its minerals and many different enzymes are diluted with active ingredients in plants.


 Creativity of our product

-Removes make-up perfectly with using just Sella Soap. (Base make-up, eye make-up, dead skin cells, deep cleansing).

-Regardless of how many times you wash, it does not dry skin, but instead, it moisturizes your skin.

-Soap absorbs waste from your skin pores.

-Skin becomes brighter, more transparent as pores get smaller.


Sella that changed the history of cleansing!

                         [Sella Natural Soap]   [Cleansing oil, foam, eye remover, conventional soap]

Cleansing Time              4’06’’                                  9’10’’

Moisture after cleansing

Right after                   51.20%                              30.70%

After 30 min.                45.50%                             18.70%

After 60 min.                 42.60%                             11.70%

Cleansing Effect          Good                                 Good

Sella Soap makes cleansing more effective than traditional four-step cleansing. 

U.S. FDA affiliated research center found out after clinical tests that the soap is excellent that it is registered under the FDA. The following are registration numbers.

Premium Soap (69603-0401-1), Classic Soap (69603-0101-1), Body Soap (69603-1001-1)


 Rebalancing Period

Pores are an excretory organ. When skin waste is not excreted from clogged pores, pore cells start to die. Sella Soap absorbs and pulls out waste from pores. Please note that a rebalancing period is not a side effect but a temporary phenomenon.

▶Those who have unhealthier skin will have longer and more serious rebalancing period than others who do not. It will sting, become red and small grainy skin waste will appear to skin.

▶Stinging will disappear within 7-14 days, but redness and skin waste will get worse and better repetitively, which is a healing process.

▶The process happens as waste comes out of pores.

▶Rebalancing period is not something to be afraid of. Your skin will become healthier as it purifies.


How to use 

Those who have skin troubles are recommended to use Classic Soap for six months first and move on to Premium Soap. Premium Soap may cause a more serious and longer rebalancing period.

For those with healthy skin:

1st  30 second wash removes sebum and dust,

2nd  two minute wash removes pollutants such as make up or heavy metal

3rd  one minute wash removes waste in pores, which is the most important.

 The Three-Step Wash above is most important for skin-care. (Two-step wash for men)