SELLA Body Soap

$ 14.00

SELLA’s Nano Natural Body Cleansing Bar is rich in anti-bacterial and moisturizing ingredients to quickly recover damaged skin cells. Reverse any damage to your body’s skin from the use of products containing harmful chemicals.

A Truly Effective Body Cleansing Bar

Nano-Red, Yellow and White Ochers penetrate the pores, bond with and extract pollutants. These potent ochers release far-infrared heat into your skin’s cells to promote cell activity and increased circulation. Jojoba & Primrose Oils balance and replenish moisture. Our Body cleansing Bar exfoliates dry skin without irritation, making it ideal for delicate skin types.

Advanced Antioxidant Technology

Powerful Nano-liposome capsulated anti-oxidants, selenium and pure gold, penetrate deeply and allow the renewal process of damaged skin cells to begin.

Natural Healing

Aloe Barbadensis + Green Tea Extract + Beta Carotene + Rose Bud Extract + Evening Primrose Oil
Ingredients that soothe and heal irritated skin, strengthen the immune system and protect from environmental aging factors.

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