SELLA Hair Soap

$ 21.00

SELLA’s Hair Cleansing Bar is a 100% natural product that resolves dry/itchy scalp & and dandruff. It promotes natural hair growth for those concerned with thinning hair. 

Healthy Pores = Healthy Hair

Synthetic cosmetic ingredients, high stress levels, unhealthy eating, clogged scalp pores, and even UV rays all cause damage to your hair. High performance Ochers draw pollutants from your scalp to unclog pores. Beautiful, healthy hair can only grow from healthy pores.

Rich Moisturizers & Antioxidants

To recover your scalp’s healthy function, SELLA utilizes powerful natural moisturizers (Lavender & Jojoba Oils) and antioxidants Selenium and Green Tea. These ingredients treat and heal the main reason for hair loss.

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