SELLA Premium Cleansing Bar

$ 24.00

SELLA’s Premium All Natural Facial Cleanser is the product of all natural ingredients handpicked from the purest regions around the world. Containing nearly double the active ingredients as our Classic, this is our most effective anti-aging cleanser. Advanced Liposome technology allows for the deepest penetration of your pores to cleanse and repair damaged cells.

Premium Anti-Aging Cleanser

Powerful antioxidants, Nano-Gold and Nano-Platinum, slow the development of free radicals and environmental aging factors.

Exfoliate & Unclog Pores

SELLA’s Premium Facial Bar pulls wastes and toxic substances to unclog pores. Nano-Red, Yellow and White Ocher penetrate the pores, bond with and extract pollutants. Exfoliate dull and dry skin for an even tone and brightened complexion. Jojoba & Primrose Oils balance and replenish moisture.

All Natural

Surfactant, polymer, preservative, additive and artificial colorant free.

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